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<center>Filing Tips</center>

Filing Tips

    • File the original return from this office (with name and account number preprinted, when possible.) Be sure to sign and date your return.
    • It is to your advantage to provide a breakdown of assets since depreciation on each item may vary.
    • Identify any equipment that may have been "physically removed." List those items in the appropriate section of the return.
    • Do not use vague terms such as "various" to describe assets or years purchased.
    • Additional information regarding filing is provided in the instructional section of the return itself.
    • If you sell your business, go out of business, or move to a new location, please inform this office. Use downloadable Change of Business Status form.

 For additional information about Tangible Personal Property, please contact:

Clay County Property Appraiser
Tangible Personal Property Department
P.O. Box 38
Green Cove Springs, Fl 32043
(904) 269-6305